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If the fat on the hips and waist can still be somehow draped with rags, then the second chin and hanging cheeks can not be hidden. "Lose weight face" many women dream. This problem is particularly troubling for ladies, "apples," who grow thin from the bottom up: legs-hips-waist-chest-hands-neck and then face.
Second chin and cheeky cheeks


• Muscle loosening
• Overweight
• Congenital or acquired stoop
• A habit of walking with a lowered head
• Reading on the back
• Rapid weight loss or weight gain (relevant for obese and lean after 40-45 years) The

second chin can be a signal about violations of the thyroid gland. Objazatelno descend or go to the endocrinologist!

Methods of correction

• diet
• special exercises
• sleep on a low pillow
• habit of keeping your head straight

Morning massage

In the morning: do chin massage and sagging cheeks with a towel. Dampen the towel in the herbal infusion and take it by the edges. Make some sharp movements in the manner of the accordion: sharply dilute the ends of the towel to the sides, so that the fabric slaps on the chin.

The best herbs for the present: chamomile, sage, lime blossom, yarrow (pour 1 tbsp of herb 1.5 tbsp boiling water, insist 20 minutes or cook from evening).

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