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The recipe for youth
All probably heard about the germinated wheat. During the day of germination in the water, the life force of wheat increases 100 times.
But very few people know about the unique recipe of a sprouted walnut, the life-span of which grows 1000 times in 2 weeks!
1 kg of unpurified walnuts filled with cold water. Water should cover the nuts.
Keep on the windowsill for 2 weeks, change the water every other day. Mix nuts twice a day.
After 2 weeks, the nuts are ready for use. Keep the nuts in the refrigerator (bottom) in the same water. Daily rate for 3 peeled walnuts in the morning and evening. This recipe will bring you an update, rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level, restoration of the immune and nervous system, rasshlakovku and purification of the circulatory system, nutrition of bone tissue of the body.
With caution apply for violations of the pancreas (pancreatitis).

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