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We remove stains after acne

1. It helps to remove red spots from acne mask of green clay with the addition of essential oil of rosemary. In order to cook it, add to half of st. a spoon of clay powder 3-4 drops of oil, and a little cool pure water, so that when mixing a homogeneous creamy mass is obtained. Obtain the mask applied to skin areas where there are spots after acne, and hold for 10-12 minutes.
Also, it is recommended to lubricate stains and scars on the skin after acne several times a day, but be careful with it because this is an invigorating oil that can even affect the pressure.

2. Dark spots after acne on the face - this is often a violation of skin pigmentation, and you can try to lighten them by the following bleaching home masks:
В 1 яичный белок добавьте 2 чайные ложки сока, отжатого из лимона, и хорошо размешайте. Если вы не хотите осветлить полностью всю кожу лица, то тогда маску накладывайте только на сами пятна. Смывать через 15 минут.
Или же попробуйте такую маску: К половине ст. ложке порошка белой глины добавьте 2 чайные ложки лимонного сока, и небольшое количество воды, чтобы получилась густая масса. Наложите ее точечно на проблемные места кожи, и оставьте на 12-15 минут.

3. A good way to remove stains from acne is medical paraffin (ask at pharmacies). Melt it in a small bowl, then apply, for example, using a cotton swab on those areas of the skin of the face where there are spots, and let it completely solidify there. Then remove, and, by the way, throw this used paraffin unnecessary, it can be perfectly used for subsequent procedures.
Before applying paraffin, as well as after removing it, be sure to lubricate the skin with a nutritious or moisturizing cream with Vitamins A and E.
If you have a vessel on your face, you should stop using paraffin.

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