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Caramelized oranges. Home will be delighted!
Caramelized oranges. The home will be in the joy! The day before I tried this recipe in practice, my husband was just delighted, and now, as a minute, my dear readers decided to lay out for you!

It will be required:
1 kg. oranges 400 g of brown sugar 100 g of water If possible, it is better to take oranges of medium size. Cut the fruit in circles 0.5 cm wide. Take a deep frying pan, pour brown sugar on the bottom, lay a layer of oranges.

Repeat the procedure:
a layer of sugar and a layer of oranges. Finish it with a layer of sugar. Fill with water. Tomite under the lid on a small fire for 2 hours. If necessary, pour water. Such oranges are perfect for tea and are stored for a very long time. Instead of sugar, you can take honey.

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