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High blood pressure will return to normal, constipation, pain in the stomach and bladder will disappear, urinary incontinence and feces will pass, if you put a tablespoon in a teapot with a slide of fennel seeds and pour over half a liter of boiling water. Cover the teapot with a napkin or wrap it with a towel for 40 minutes so that the seeds are well-steamed and give all the valuable substances into the water.
The received medicine should be drunk directly from a teapot spout on 3 pharynx often - not less than seven times a day, and it is better 10. It is obligatory to drink during meal, not on an empty stomach and not after a plentiful meal.

The course of treatment is a week, then the infusion can be used periodically, say, 2-3 days each month, for prevention.

In addition to this effect, this dill seed infusion perfectly cures cough, bronchitis, throat diseases, and also relieves insomnia.

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