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Treasure Ship Holding Gold and Emeralds Discovered. A shipwreck has been located on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea off the Colombian coast that may be the long-sought San Jose galleon. Built in 1696, the behemoth located on sonar and with an autonomous underwater vehicle to find the ship. Parts of the original structure are visible on the ocean floor, according to the president’s office, along with ballast, bronze cannons, ceramics, porcelain vases and weapons. [Read the full story on the treasure ship] Fiery end.

The San Jose, a 60-gun Spanish galleon, explodes during a battle with the English in June 1708. This oil painting by Samuel Scott depicts the conflagration, which is now known as Wager’s Action after the English admiral who attacked the San Jose and her surrounding treasure fleet. The explosion sent tons of gold, silver and precious gems to the bottom of the Caribbean. (Credit: Samuel Scott)

A U.S. salvage firm claims to have discovered the ship in 1981 and has fought an extended legal battle ever since for rights to the treasure inside, which may be worth between $4 billion and $17 billion. The Colombian government argues that court rulings have upheld its ownership of the treasure; the U.S. firm contends that the matter is not settled and they are owed half the loot. The Spanish government may also make a claim on the haul. (Credit: Colombian Ministry of Culture and the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History) – Mannaismaya Adventure's Blog

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