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Klopogon is a long-standing herbaceous plant, belongs to the family of buttercups. In another way, scientifically, it is also called "tsimitsifuga."

The description begins with the fact that this is a fairly large flower, reaches a length of up to two meters with white lush flowers and leaves of a reddish hue, as a rule. Its rhizomes are heavy, strong, respectively, the plant is a long-living bug.

This plant is medicinal, as it contains enough vitamins, but at the same time, it is also poisonous, so after working with it, you should wash your hands with soap with special care.

Tsimitsifuge will be comfortable both in the open and in the penumbra. But, in no case do not place it in the shade, because it will not bloom in such conditions.

Peduncles that have faded, are removed, unless, of course, you wish to multiply the flower with seeds. Before the beginning of winter, the clopogon is advised to prune at the level of the earth itself. Unfortunately, the plant is very difficult to transfer. However, in one place it can be up to 20 years.

If you have a desire to grow the seeds of the house, they are recommended to store at an ambient temperature of at least 13-15 degrees of heat. Then for the next two months, the seeds should be packed into a tight bag and hidden in a refrigerator. After the seeds can be prepared for planting.

Seed can come from one month to a year. This, of course, is very long. But you should wait this time and then already transplant young shoots into the garden in the fall or wait until the cold runs out.

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