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lax seed is a wonderful lifting.

In the morning, prepare a face lift that you will use every evening. 1 teaspoon of flax seed, pour 1/3 cup of boiling water and shake for a few minutes.

Then cover with a paper towel and put to infuse until evening. In the evening, on the cleansed face and neck skin, apply a cotton swab dipped in flax seed infusion, the first thin layer.

When it dries, relubricate the skin again. Repeat 5 times.

Try not to laugh and not talk during the procedure, ideally - just lie quietly in silence. After all wash away with boiled water, apply a night cream on the skin.

Arrange yourself a full course of facelift and neck from 12-15 procedures, and you do not recognize yourself, your appearance will be so good.

Copied from Beauty and Health by Nina Bessmertnaya
User Snezana Goleva / Beauty and health / Pinme

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