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Ролл "Филадельфия"

1. Рис для суши.
2. Рисовый уксус, соль, сахар или готовая приправа на основе рисового уксуса.
3. Тонкие ломтики свежей форели или семги.
4. 1/2 листа нори.
5. Сливочный сыр.
6. Имбирь, васаби.

Варим рис для суши.
Slice trout or salmon for sushi in thin slices (the more the slice area is obtained the better) Wrap the makis with a food film. Put the nori seaweed on a mat. Wet your hands with cold water, distribute rice for sushi along algae, making a forward displacement of 1 cm. Cover the rice with makis and turn the mat so that the rice is at the bottom and the nori on top. Using a knife, a spoon or a pastry bag, put the filling - cream cheese. Roll the roll. Lay the slices of fish on the makis, as shown in the photo. Wrap the roll with fish. cut into 8 pieces, shift to a dish, decorate with ginger and wasabi and serve to a table with soy sauce.

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Татьяна Меленчук (Емельянова)

Татьяна Меленчук (Емельянова)