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Salad with celery

Apple green - 2 pieces
Celery stalk - 1 piece
Walnuts - To taste
Yogurt salad - 50 milliliters
Lemon juice - 1 Art. spoon
White pepper - To taste
For the recipe thanks to the group Dietary recipes

In order to prepare a classic American salad of celery and nuts, we need to cut straws apples and celery. Apples do not need to be cleaned, since they contain vitamins, and even without a peel, the apple in the salad will lose its appearance.
Now take the peeled walnuts and grind them in a mortar or knife. Sometimes I just divide them by their natural laziness into halves, and my children are more like it.
Take the bowl, in it we mix low-fat yogurt with lemon juice and pepper. Caution! With white pepper it is better not to overdo it, it is very sharp and bitter, in the salad it is added a little, for piquancy. yogurt, you can replace them with simple olive oil and mix it with soy sauce.
Now spread the vegetables to the sauce, mix them, spread them on plates and serve them on the table. Those who want to make the salad more satisfying, can add finely chopped boiled chicken meat.

Copied with salads with vegetables, cheese from Elena Barannikova
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