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Salad "Grafsky"

For cooking you will need:

- beets - 1 pc.
- potatoes - 3 pcs.
- prunes - 100 g
- eggs - 4 pcs.
- walnuts - 100 g
- mayonnaise
- salt


Vegetables (beets, potatoes in uniform) are cooked until ready. Cool it down. Peel off the skin.

Eggs boil hard. Clear. Carefully we separate the yolks from the proteins.

Salad consists of several layers, each of which is smeared with mayonnaise.

We lay out on a flat dish.

The first layer - diced potatoes boiled in a uniform. Solim a little.
Lubricated with mayonnaise. According to the original recipe for "Grafsky" salad, the onion is included in the composition, but it seemed to me superfluous and I did not add it.

If you have a desire to still use the onions, then pre-marinate it. Mix 200-300 ml of cold drinking water, 1 tbsp. sugar and 1 tbsp. vinegar, pour the chopped onions and leave for 30 minutes. Spread on potatoes.

The second layer is sliced ​​in small cubes. Lubricated with mayonnaise.
The third layer is the yolks cut into cubes.
Lubricated with mayonnaise.

The fourth layer is finely chopped prunes. To prune softer, you can pre-pour it with boiling water for 10-15 minutes. The fifth layer is diced egg whites. Also grease with mayonnaise. Cut the walnuts and sprinkle the top of the salad. Ready lettuce is placed in the refrigerator so that the layers are well soaked with mayonnaise.

Copied from Salata from Ilmir Fayziev
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