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Persimmon - useful properties | Health Harbor

Approximately since November in fruit departments appears on sale a beauty of a persimmon. By its useful properties, it is not inferior to citrus and apples. There was a persimmon from China, from where it spread to East Asia, and then got to America and Europe.

Varieties of persimmons number about 500, but in our country the most famous "Caucasian" and "chocolate". Many do not like persimmon, it is viscous, but because of its beneficial properties, one should change its attitude to a wonderful fruit.

Benefits of Persimmon. Why is persimmon useful?
Persimmon charity affects the cardiovascular system of the body. The eastern beauty contains a lot of fiber, minerals and phenol compounds. And this is the first tool in the treatment of atherosclerosis , which is one of the main factors of cardiovascular disease . For example, heart attacks and strokes. Do fans of persimmon are less likely to have heart attacks, since the beneficial substances of the fruit do not allow clogging of the coronary vessels and cerebral arteries.

There are also many flavonoids in the persimmon. These herbal substances regulate the transmissibility of the walls of blood vessels and improve their elasticity, and also prevent the occurrence of sclerosis. And persimmon is useful to people with heart diseases due to the fact that it has a lot of potassium. This fruit can even stop the bleeding. Due to the large stock in the persimmon of iron, it is recommended for people with low hemoglobin and suffering from anemia .

Persimmon is useful for the organs of the human digestive system. There are many recipes for diarrhea. But orange fruit is not desirable to eat people with such diseases as hemorrhoids, diabetes, obesity. And also it can do more harm than good, with constipation.

Useful properties of persimmons extend to the nervous system of the body. It increases efficiency, relaxes nerves and tones. Persimmon in Eastern medicine treats diseases of the brain. Basically, the diseases that arise due to hemorrhage in the brain, the treatment of malignant diseases, such as tumors and leukemia.

When diseases of the respiratory system also helps persimmon. Such ailments as a cold, cough can be cured by the eastern beauty's juice. This fruit is very useful for smokers, since its beneficial substances prevent lung cancer.

Persimmon can be eaten both fresh and dried. And in the latter form, it can be used in tea instead of sugar. This is useful for those who suffer from heart disease, since the persimmon does not increase the level of glucose in the blood.

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