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How cinnamon will help solve problems in the garden. (1,2,3)

In addition to cinnamon stopping the spread of the fungus and preventing the appearance of pests, its powder is also very useful to accelerate the rooting of cuttings. Cinnamon and its application in horticulture Cinnamon powder can be used to solve various problems in gardening. Its application gives amazing results.

As a natural fungicide, cinnamon destroys the fungus, repels insects, protects seedlings and promotes the healing of small lesions. In addition, it is 100% natural, healthy and economical, which makes cinnamon an excellent choice for your garden.

1. Repels insects Cinnamon is very popular with people, but not insects. So, if you have ants or gnats in the garden, do not despair: just a small amount of this spice will help eliminate them. In order to keep these pests under control, you just have to sprinkle cinnamon around the plant or where these unwanted insects.

2. Eliminates the fungus Fungi are enemies of good plant health. When you see mold and fungus traces on your plants, just add a little cinnamon powder to prevent it from growing and multiplying. If the fungus is very aggressive, you must remove it completely. In plants in pots, it is enough simply to change the earth and the pot itself. Nevertheless, if the fungus grows on the plant itself, sprinkle a little cinnamon powder on it to stop the growth of this undesirable pest. Similarly, you can sprinkle cinnamon on the ground in your bed, and this will be enough to restore the health of your plantings.

3. Treats diseases When we grow fruit or vegetables, the last thing we want to see is diseases of seedlings. After all, then our vegetables will not germinate and we will not get healthy and beautiful fruits. Seeds or seedlings can be attacked by mold fungus. This is a number of diseases that can be caused by various types of fungus or poor soil conditions. In order to avoid harmful effects - add cinnamon to your usual fertilizer or directly into the soil where your plants grow.

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