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How cinnamon will help solve problems in the garden. (4,5)

4. Cinnamon for cuttings.
When you plant seedlings with cuttings, do not use chemicals to stimulate their rooting-just sprinkle with cinnamon powder the stems of the cuttings that you want to root right in front of their planting and are ready! Cinnamon is an ideal solution, and will also help you save money, because you do not have to buy expensive products for gardening.

If you plant many seedlings and you have various problems that do not give good results, we offer you a recipe for a powerful fungicide, the main ingredient of which is cinnamon. Ingredients ½ liter of water 2 crushed tablets of aspirin 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder (10 g) Preparation Put all the ingredients in a bowl.

Allow the mixture to stand for 12 hours. Then strain it and pour it into another container. Soak the cuttings in the resulting liquid for two hours. Plant as usual cuttings. Aspirin acts as a root growth accelerator, cinnamon is a fungicide. If you have any surplus funds, pour it out, because when it is stored, it loses its properties.

5. Cinnamon treats damage in plants.
If you have done excessive pruning or weeded weeds, accidentally damaged your plants, you can help them heal the damage by sprinkling them with cinnamon powder. This will help prevent illness and speed up the healing process. All these techniques you can use in your garden.

In addition, it is a 100% natural remedy that smells very nice. This will only benefit your plants: note, they will grow much healthier and stronger. Make sure that you have a supply of cinnamon in the kitchen, because it will help solve many problems in your garden.

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