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From them it turns out not just tasty and fragrant, but very useful jam, which has been used in ancient medicine as an expectorant, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory remedy. Now the period of flowering of pine and the formation of pollen - a powerful natural immunostimulant - is just beginning. So do not waste time, collect and cook! The most important thing is not to collect cones in the woods along the roads. And be sure to do this in gloves, so as not to smear your hands with tar - it's not so easy to wash. Well, you do not need to climb on the ship's pines - the most delicious bumps grow on trees three meters high.

1 kg of pine cones, 1 kg of sugar, 3 liters of water

Wash the young little bumps and soak for a day in cold water. From sugar and water, cook the syrup. Sprinkle cones in hot syrup and, stirring constantly, cook them until each one opens. The prepared jam has a dark brown colour. If it is too thick, you can dilute it with boiled water to the desired consistency. Pour the jam into prepared jars and store in a cool place.

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