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Li Ching-Yuen:
The man who lived for exactly 256 years, explained his secrets of nutrition. In the modern life, it is known that the average human life is 80 years by making health reforms and finding solutions to many diseases, but it is known that Chinese martial arts master Li Ching-Yuen's life claims to be the opposite of this. Li Ching-Yuen was born in 1677 in the village of Chyi Jiang Hsie (Sichuan). The Chinese man spent most of his life collecting plants on the skirts of the mountains and exploring the secrets of his long life. Li Ching Yuen began her career as a plant scientist at the age of 10, where herbs gathered amongst the mountains and learned to prolong life. For almost 40 years, only reishi mushrooms, wolfberry, wild ginseng, Gotu kola, and rice wine were fed with plants. When the secret of long life is asked; Li Ching Yuen's answer was always: "Take a clean heart, sit like a turtle, walk alive like a pigeon and sleep like a dog". He did not eat refined sugar or flour or insecticide sprayed food and fatty meat, sweetened sweets and genetically modified foods. No antibiotics, no alcohol, no tobacco. There are no abundant food in your diet, but there are super foods and herbs containing steroids for our organs and our immune system.

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