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Cold soup with herring

Herring (Salted, fillet) - 0.5 pcs
Potatoes (boiled, large.) - 1 piece
Egg chicken - 1 piece
Cucumber (Marinated) - 1 pc
Dill (Small) - 1 puff.
Mustard (With slide, grade to taste) - 1 tsp.
Onion green - 2 pcs
Kefir - 0.5 l

Sliced ​​herring, potatoes, egg and pickled cucumber.

Sprinkle with chopped dill and add a teaspoon of mustard.

We mix it and let it stand for 15 minutes, so that the tastes of the ingredients "make friends".

We lay out on plates and pour kefir or yogurt.

Sprinkle with spring onions.


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