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Are pancakes useful? | Always in shape!

Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is, perhaps, one of the few. However, it is difficult to call a dish in the traditional performance healthy. "AIF" learned from the expert how to prepare useful pancakes.

How can you change the recipe in the direction of increasing the usefulness of this non-diet dish and how many pancakes you can eat at once? - Pancakes in the traditional recipe is a high-calorie carbohydrate-fat product.

And has a minimal vitamin and trace element composition. And any high-calorie foods should be consumed in the first half of the day. And know the measure. Allow yourself a serving of 2-3 pancakes (100-150 g) one, a maximum of 2 times a week is quite possible.

There are several tricks that will help reduce the caloric content of pancakes and enhance their useful properties.

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