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Are pancakes useful? | Always in shape!

Instead of white wheat flour of the highest grade, you can take oats, barley, buckwheat, rye, whole grains or a mixture thereof. Now in stores a huge selection of such products.

Use the minimum amount of oil when baking pancakes - modern frying pans allow. It is desirable to make pancakes on kefir, and it is better to choose a product of reduced fat content. Try to reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe. Try to add in the dough finely chopped greens - spinach, parsley, dill, onion, etc. whether rubbed carrots. So you enrich the pancakes with useful microelements, fiber.

For lovers of sweet desserts you can advise pancakes from bananas. The banana is kneaded in mashed potatoes, an egg is added, if necessary, a little flour, without sugar. And pancakes are baked. The recipe is unconventional, but it is more useful than ordinary pancakes. Think about the filling.

As a healthier filler, you can recommend low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat minced meat. It is possible to wrap fish in pancakes, it is better not salted. In principle, stuffing a pancake can be anything - depends on taste preferences and imagination. With caviar be careful, do not overdo it, as it is quite salty. Vegetables, stewed or baked, are also quite suitable as a filling. Another option - fruit filling (apples, thawed or fresh berries), if pancakes go as a dessert.

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