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I’ve been roped in to a DIY obsession that’s got me all tied up at the moment.  I cannot stop weaving and knotting for the life of me!  Currently, were seeing the macrame and summer crochet trend all over the place.  Don’t think hippie-chic looks and handwoven plant hangers- Macrame and crochet looks are back in a modern and wearable way.  Chanel’s SS10 collection is bursting at the seams with this delicate, light-weight design that’s to die for.  Oscar de la Renta proved this trend is gonna stick around for a bit as we spotted some macrame cameos in his Cruise 2011 show as well.To create you own version of this macrame-style rope necklace, grab a spool of rope and loop around your thumb.  Weave over and under your fingers, back and forth until you create 2 rows of rope of each finger.  Remove the bottom string over the top on each finger, until you leave just one row left.  Continue to weave over and under, always creating 2 rows of rope and pulling the bottom rope over the top.  After you’ve created your woven design, remove from the fingers, loop the strand through all the finger holes, add beads and chain- and you’re ready to roll!

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Alina Alyason

Alina Alyason