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Stand out as an Icon of Style.  Get inspired by the epitome of innovation, sleekness, technology and sportiness. Follow the Mercedes-Benz iconic road map for luxury and celebrate style with this DIY fashion project.  Inspired by iconic essentials and unique modern design , we created a j’amazing braided headband using Mercedes-Benz leather and layered in texture,  to top it off.  After all, it is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and we want to cruise around in style.
To create, cut a piece of leather approximately 1/2” wide and 2.5-3 ft long.  Add a bright cord (or ribbon) and ball chain.  Knot all three materials together onto a hair elastic and braid.  Once you have a braid long enough to wrap around your head, knot off on the other end of the hair elastic.  Be sure to pull tight to make sure it’s secure. Snip the ends and you’re ready to brave a bold braided accessory!

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Екатерина Серчагина

Екатерина Серчагина